Golarion is filled with the tales of thousands of heroes, living and dead, whose presence has altered the face of history forever. Their tales make up the songs of bards, fill the tomes of scholars, and the prophecies of the divine.

This isn’t about those guys.

Presenting Golarion: Untold Stories, the spot for freebie NPCs, locales, villains, and assorted other flotsam accrued during my own home games, unfinished campaign concepts, and sometimes even free-form ideas barfed forth from myself and my assorted buddies all over the globe. Need a kingdom up in the Stolen Lands, but no one wants to play Kingmaker in your game? Borrow mine. Traveling to Akiton, but want something more than what’s in Distant Worlds? I made more crap for you to use. Desire a villainous tyrant running an out-of-the-way town with an iron fist? I think I’ve got at least three in my brain. Need a crashed spaceship out in the ocean with a gaggle of garbage-scroungers building a city around it, while the ship’s ancient AI plots and schemes deep within? Dude, I got the MAD notes.

I’ll update as often as I can; hopefully one or more of these ideas will appeal to you and your players. I am more than a prolific doodler, after all: sometimes my synapses come up with ideas, too. :P

Golarion: Untold Stories